St Peter’s Church, Stonyhurst College

The History Behind St Peter’s Church

The Grade I listed St Peter’s church was originally built in the 1830’s. This was the first important work for the architect JJ Scholes (1798 – 1863) and the beginning of his long and successful association with the Jesuit order.

JJ Scholes was a great Catholic architect and mostly worked in Gothic. There are gardens behind the west front and at the east end a cloister connects the chapel. The elongated columns and the arches are stenciled with patterns painted in green and gold and lead up towards the clerestory. The east window at St Peter’s Church fills most of the wall in the perpendicular style and there are effigies of saints on either side. The high altar was designed by Edmund Kirby and is crafted from different coloured marble, alabaster and mosaic. The donors specified that only the very best materials should be used. To the left and right of St Peter’s Church, the chapels are dedicated to St Ignatius of Loyola and St Francis Xavier.


Bernard Watson Work


Take a look at the Before and After pictures during the 14 month refurbishment!

Before: –


After: –

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