Heritage & Ecclesiastical

A passion of the company from the very beginning, Bernard Watson continue to boast an excellent track record with award-winning ecclesiastical projects.

A meticulous attention to detail and care aren’t the only necessary traits when working in ecclesiastical buildings – a great deal of skilled craftsmanship is also required.

Thankfully, Bernard Watson have vast experience with projects of this type and our previous work is an exceptional advert to showcase our range of specialist decoration and restoration services, with award-winning results.

We treat each ecclesiastical project with the utmost respect for heritage and traditions, and regularly transform church interiors using gilding, heraldry and extensive layered stenciling.

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  • Sodality Chapel, Stonyhurst College
  • St Mary's of Furness, Barrow
  • St Mary's Church, Lea, Preston
  • St Peter's Church, Stonyhurst College
  • St Andrew's & Blessed George Haydock Church, Preston