The diverse and multi-sector work of Bernard Watson has been widely recognised and rewarded for its excellence over the years.

Throughout all steps on the ladder at Bernard Watson, our team of painters and decorators take the utmost pride in every job and we are therefore always delighted to be made aware of being shortlisted for an award. We can then be sure that the passion has shone through and that the completed work exceeded all expectations.

We have undertaken extensive restoration work as part of many ecclesiastical projects and our efforts have been rewarded with many heritage and decorative category accolades, providing further boosts to our success and reputation in the industry.

PDA Judges Special Award

Year: 2016


NFB Heritage Project of the Year

Year: 2014

Project: South Staircase, The Gilbert Scott Building, University of Glasgow

Judges said ” The technical achievement and time constraints managed by Bernard Watson Decorators was exceptional and the commitment to the project was beyond what any client could reasonably expect. The finished project looks outstanding”


PDA Decorative Winner

Year: 2011

Project: St Peter’s Church, Stonyhurst College, Lancashire

We were awarded top prize for our restoration work on St Peter’s Church in the grounds of historical Stonyhurst College.   Working to a tight budget, we integrated detailed stencil work and fine art to fully restore the East Window wall.

Painter of the Year Special Interest

Year: 2007/08

Project: Sodality Chapel, Stonyhurst College, Lancashire.

We captured the history and religious themes through extensive restoration work on the interior of this fundamental part of the Stonyhurst estate. Our craftsmanship skills were pushed to the limit as we rejuvenated all aspects of the chapel’s walls and fine art ceiling.

Painter of the Year Special Interest

Year: 2006/07

Project: St Mary’s Church, Lea Town, Lancashire.

Using skills honed over the previous four decades, Bernard Watson himself carried out impressive graining work at St Mary’s Church and also worked alongside the apprentices to fully restore the ecclesiastical artwork.

Painter of the Year Special Interest

Year: 2002/03

Project: St Mary’s of Furness Church, Barrow, Cumbria.

Huge amounts of time, effort and patience went into sixteen weeks of complex stencilling to restore the late 19th century church to its former glory. All fine artwork stencils were carefully cut by hand, with some requiring as many as eight overlays to achieve the desired result.